Steel Fit + Tone


Body Firming and Contouring Lotion with 3% Unislim

Perfect for Use on the Entire Body

Firm, tone, and contour the appearance of your body with Steel Fit + Tone™. An advanced 24-hour daily moisturizing lotion, Steel Fit + Tone™ synergistically combines high quality, research-validated skin firming and contouring ingredients with natural vitamins, herbs, and botanicals for healthier skin.*

Steel Fit + Tone™ will help you look and feel your very best whether you’re in the gym or out on the town.*

Features and Benefits

✓ Body Firming and Contouring Lotion*
✓ 24-Hour Moisturizers
✓ Clinically Researched Ingredients
✓ Zero Heat or Redness
✓ Formulated for Men and Women
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Thermogenic fat loss cream
Fit and tone cream